Fruit and vegetable juice - apple peach carrot 300ml "Kind and honest"

Drinking Fruits and Vegetables is a kind and honest, fully puree blend without sugar and artificial additives. Made in Georgia. The enterprise is located in Gurjaani district, in the village of Chumlaki. Since 2017, Italian-made (Tecmon) machines have been producing various fruit and vegetable purees with hot-casting meth. The color of the fruit mass may be different for the same product, because it is natural and we do not use artificial additives to beautify it. Serve cold or on ice. Stir before consumption. Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar 42%; Peach khilfa 42%; Concentrated juice - 7%; Carrot pulp - 21.5%; Water, flavoring. Nutritional value 100 gr. 227 kcal in the product. Shelf life is 12 months. Store in a cool and dry place at a temperature of 0 - 25 ° C and serve within 24 hours after opening. Manufacturer Ltd. Agro products
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