The Glonti family has 25 years of experience in In beekeeping in Guria. Nino also received a master's degree in beekeeping and the whole family is involved in obtaining this exceptionally good quality honey with academic or practical knowledge.

„ბედნიერი ქათმის კვერცხი“

გიორგი დადიანიძეს 200-მდე ქათამი გორთან ახლოს, მეჯვრისხევში, დიდ მწვანე ეზოში ჰყავს გაშვებული. ყველაფერი აქვთ, რათა თავი ლაღად და ბუნებრივ პირობებში იგრძნონ. ქანდარასაც კი ხის ტოტების ფორმა აქვს და მათი ნაწარმი ნამდვილად ამართლებს „ბედნიერი ქათმის კვერცხის“ სახელს.

Baia's Wine

Gvantsa, like her sister Baia, has returned to her native village, Obcha, and is making real Imeretian wine with her family. Baia’s wine is light, cheerful, and creates a friendly atmosphere.

Bio Farm Pona

Paata Tsulaia has been leading an organic farm in the village of Fona, Lagodekhi district, for 6 years now, and every day he inspects the development of all vegetables, fruits, or wheat heads with his own hands and cleans them from excess weeds.


Ekaterine Farulava makes pumpkin, carrot, beet, green tomato, and eggplant succades in Zugdidi, West Georgia. Believe us, you have never tasted such unforgettable sweets.


Enkeni is an apple chips, healthy and tasty, which is especially loved by children.

Gveso's Farm

If you visit Gveso Castle in Tsageri, you will definitely notice the happy goat farm, run by Nato Bendeliani and other female farmers. Goat cheese is especially useful for children.

Ia's Winery

Ia Imerlishvili, member our team, also makes delicious wine Saperavi and Tsinandeli from grapes grown in the Tsinandali microzone.

Inebe & Microgreen

Years ago, Marita Genebashvili decided to make healthy food delicious and for this purpose, first she created "Inebe", and then a vertical farm of micro-herbs "Microgreen".

Lashkhi's wine from Asureti

Lashkhi's family makes the best wine from the grapes grown on the magnificent lands of Asureti in a centuries-old cellar built by the Germans and sends it to the city each weekend.


Keti and Irakli studied the making of Svan salt thoroughly from the older members of the family and turned the Kvitsiani family tradition into a business.

Marani Milorauli

Sister and brother Milorava renovated a wine cellar built by their grandfather 100 years ago in Telavi. Now they produce wine in Kvevri and European way.

Marta bebos Dambalkhacho

Dambalkhacho is a unique Georgian cheese made in the mountains of Eastern Georgia. Eka turned Grandma Martha's knowledge into a business and introduced it to the whole country.


Real Gurian tea is collected in the village of Nagomari in Ozurgeti district and is processed in a small factory.


Keti has had almond orchards in the village Imiri for years. During the pandemic, she created a new product - almonds with caramel, cinnamon, garlic, ajika, salt or chocolate.

Sergo babu from Abasha

At the age of 93, Sergo Babu grows corn himself and sends it's flour to Tbilisi.

Tia from Gulgula

At the end of October, Tia made real Kakhetian Churchkhela for us - with the best walnuts, fresh mash, and high-quality flour. She carefully puts dried Churchkhela in the box and sends it to you.

Unleavened bread from Natela

Natela's Bakery is the discovery of unforgettable taste. The dizzying smell of fresh bread follows each order. It's hard to forget the taste of bread with natural yeast.

Vado & Nika from Tortiza

Juicy and crunchy apples, which our customers love very much, are provided by Nika and Vado from the village of Tortiza. The cousins have been tending the apple orchards together for almost ten years.

Wise nut

Nina Andriadze started producing healthy, honey-sweetened nut pastes 4 years ago, which attracted a lot of attention from the very first day. The raw material is only Georgian: Megrelian nuts, Imeretian pumpkin seeds, Kakhetian pecans ... Today, 10 people are already employed in the "smart hazelnut" enterprise.