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If you have access to this site and place the order, it means that you agree to the terms of our agreement. If you do not agree with our terms, you will not be able to use this site.

Any questions related to the terms of the agreement and any subsequent problems can be sent to info@soplidan.ge; hotline: +995 557 470 441.

1.General Provisions

Definition of Terms

We – the "FROM FARMER" Ltd, hereinafter the "Company";

You - a person who has an access to the website; also a legal entity on behalf of which a physical person has an access to the website'

Agreement - this document;

When using the website:

• You confirm that you are a capable person achieved the age of 18 or a person achieved the age of 16 and you have a permit from the relevant persons to sign this agreement, get the service through the website and dispose of the relevant funds;

• You will follow the terms of use of the website provided by the agreement;

• You will submit the full and accurate information requested by us in order to use our services;

• You will protect the copyright and intellectual rights, will copy or disseminate any information in the site in full or in part in any form or purpose;

• You will strictly adhere to the security and confidentiality of your personal account, will not disclose the security accounts of your page to a third party in order to protect your personal account information;

• You will not carry out any action directed on learning the personal and confidential information of another user, including account security codes, and other user personal assets;

• You will not pretend to be another user or use any other user's personal data and pages;

• You will not carry out any action that endangers proper operation of the website or services;

• You will not carry out any action that is prohibited by the law, this agreement and the rules set forth by the similar website for services.

2. Registration

• Product can be purchased on the site by ordering the product (after registration).

• In case of registration or site access, you agree that you will provide only accurate and complete registration information and will update this information if it is changed. When registering, you will receive an individual mandate for authorization (on your behalf and password, "account"). Authorization on the "soplidan.ge" and use of its services is not authorized with your account for any other physical or legal person. You shall be responsible for prevention of similar type of unauthorized use. Physical persons and the legal entities that are prevented to access the website and the right to use the services by "soplidan.ge" shall not have the right to be registered in order to open an account, nor can you instruct such person to use your account in your name.

3. Terms Of services and website use

Service delivery

Our services are available in Tbilisi (including Tabakhmela, Shindisi, Tsavkisi, Kojori, Kiketi, Tskneti, Betania, Akhaldaba and other connected areas) via website. We reserve the right to prevent or otherwise restrict our service at our discretion.

Restrictions on the use of the website

The information on the website may be changed or removed without prior notice. We do not guarantee that the services provided by this website will work without errors or delays. You will not get the services from us that in our opinion violate the legislation. In addition, you are prohibited from any unauthorized using our systems or this website, which without any limitation includes unauthorized access to our systems, improper use of the password, or improper use of any information posted on the website. You agree that we have the right to disclose the information provided by you to: 1. any person affiliated with us and its authorized representative; 2. any other person or organization with your consent; and 3. the relevant person or an organ in the case provided by the law regarding the right or obligation to issue information. Use of this website or providing the information by you will be deemed to be your consent on issuing such information.

Limitation of Liability

We are not responsible and obliged to provide any kind of guarantee or condition regarding this website, including any inconsistency between the website and user's files or a browser used by any user in the Internet or any other applications or other problems that the user may have due to the independent reasons.

Please note that if it is impossible to access the webpage, or if it is delayed or restricted or if the website is not working quickly and smoothly, there is a high probability that you cannot get the service and payment be completed successfully. In order to avoid misunderstandings you are obliged to refrain from using the website/service. If you still continue to use the website, you shall be responsible for the risks and the consequences.

4. Information about the user and terms of its use

We collect two types of information about our customers: personal identification information and non-personal identification information.

Personal identification information. Personal identification information is the information that identifies specific user. We may ask you to provide some information about you (such as your name and last name, email address, gender and date of birth) when you have access to our activity through our website, for instance, to open an account, purchase a product with us. When paying for a product we may also ask you to submit your card number, date of expiry, authentication code or other relevant information. The latter is not stored on our website because payment is made from our partner bank's protected page. Therefore, we will not have access to your card information.

The information you provide can be used by us for:

• Processing of your order;

• Statistical consideration for improvement of service;

• Management of the website;

• Making a special offer that may interest you and provide you with information.

Non-personal identification information. Non-personal identification information is the information that does not identify specific user. This type of information may include the kind of browser you use and your Internet Protocol's IP address. We and/or third party service providers authorized by us as well as the advertisers can automatically receive this information at the time you are visiting our website.

Issuing non-personal identification information

Please note that we may disclose or provide non-personal identification information to our partners. All of the above is aimed at improving the service you receive.

Update and change of information

You can change your personal identification information on the website by logging in the relevant section of your account. We encourage you to immediately update your personal identification information if it changes. You can request removal of information on your account. However, due to the fact that we are tracking old transactions, you cannot delete information related to old transactions on the website. Additionally, we may not be able to remove all your information as we periodically backup the information. Your card information is not available on our website, but it is located on a protected page that is maintained and managed by our partner bank. The latter has its own policy of protecting its information, which is not our control area.

User's choices about collecting and using information

You can always refrain from additional information. However information may be required if you are involved in any activity on the website.

Security of information

We carry many security measures to secure personal identification information. Your personal identification information is available on our website only if your username and password are specified. This password is encrypted. We recommend that you do not share your password with third parties. In addition, your personal identification information is stored on a secure server, to which only the appropriate personnel and contractors have access. We do not have any information regarding your card and it is not available for us, because your card is under the control of our partner bank. Please note that any transfer of data via the Internet or wireless network cannot be absolutely safe and guaranteed. We are conducting commercially reasonable security measures to protect data and strive to establish contacts only with organizations that have similar approaches to this issue. However, we cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted to/from the website and we are not responsible for any action of a third party that may receive any such information.

Any communication between you and the "soplidan-ge", such as communication by e-mail or other means, where you provide with the advices or comments about the improvement or change of our service, will be deemed by us as non-personal and non-proprietary information. You agree that such information will be used by us without any restrictions.

5. Online procurements-purchase

Orders are received every day during 24 hours.

You should select the desired product for the internet purchase and drop it into the virtual basket;

You can use categories and sub-categories to navigate;

For a simple search, type the key word in the "search."

6. Payment

Payments can be made with the following method:

1 - Online payment by card - in case you choose this form, you will be able to pay with any electronic card of MasterCard or Visa. Please note that your personal banking data shall be entered directly to the bank's website, which fully provides with data protection and security.

2 - Transfer of money on the account through bank or Internet banking in advance or with prior agreement with us within 3 (three) days from the date of purchase of the product.

7. Delivery-Acceptance

The ordered products will be delivered after the receipt of the order from 16:00 to 23:00.

Order delivery is provided from Monday through Saturday.

Please note: Deliver is free of charge in Tbilisi. Delivery in the suburbs of Tbilisi (Tabakhmela, Shindisi, Tsavkisi, Kojori, Kiketi, Tskneti, Betania, Akhaldaba and other connected areas), in Mtskheta and Saguramo costs 9 GEL.

Terms of cancellation order:

The order can be canceled only on the day of the order.

In case of loss of product or dissatisfaction with the quality of the order, a notification to the administration is required on the day of delivery. In case of delay, the loss will not be reimbursed.

8. Connect with us


• +995 557 470 441